Licensee Profile -Why choose Harding’s Cleaning?



I like to think that passion runs my life, passion for my family, passion for my work and passion for people. I also like to think that my passion is rarely equaled given my over the top nature.

However, at Harding’s, I am constantly finding members within my new family that not only equal my passion but rival it! Judith, is just that person. She has been our cleaning Licensee for years and continuously shows her passion for her clients and her staff. I have spent quite a bit of time with Judith in the last 3 months and find myself in awe of her most of the time. She strives to make her cleaning business the best in the city, with the best people surrounding her, with the best clients that she makes personal connections with.

Allowing someone into your home for hours at a time when you are not there takes an insane amount of trust. Judith and her team understand that and treat your home as if it was not theirs. Not theirs, because they treat it differently, like the shrine you believe it to be, your comfort zone. They treat your home professionally without being evasive to you or your home. Their satisfaction comes from knowing that they have made you feel more at home after they have been there and not uncomfortable because they were.

Judith cares about her clients and wants to make a impact in her community, which is why she supports the local Calgary chapter of  ‘Cleaning for a Reason‘, which is a not-for-profit organization across North America that gives free cleaning services to women suffering from any and all types of cancer. These woman can then tend to their health not their home. Thank you Judith, it is a pleasure to work with you.

Harding’s – We got this!


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I am coming up on 3 months in my new role at Harding’s. It has been a learning curve, a sharp one sometimes. When I left my previous employment, I had a mourning period, a period where the family we had created there was no longer my ‘family’. I didn’t think that I’d find that so quickly with my new colleagues and new friends with Harding’s.

Over the last couple of weeks as things start to fall into place and relationships are forged,  the one thing I thought wouldn’t happen so quickly, has happened. The group is starting to feel like family. It’s the people, it’s always the people. We have a great group of them, a great group of licensees that care about their clients needs and wants, their dreams and ideas for their homes and their improvement projects.

As ‘we’ take Harding’s into the chapter, this is the group that I have faith in to stand by me and our clients to make this company not only Calgary’s total home maintenance and improvement choice but soon, Canada’s home maintenance and improvement choice. When you choose a Harding’s division and licensee, you’re making a choice about perfection, caring and integrity. ‘We got this’ for you!


Rob Hilditch, proud manager guy.

Please excuse the gratuitous selfie, I had to show off my new coat! Painting cleaning texturing popcorn removal renovations Handyman

I’d like to introduce myself…….

Every once in awhile you come across someone or a group that is so passionate for their craft, that you just have to share it. This is the one of the many things like I enjoy about my new position as President at Harding’s. Our entire team of Licensee’s has a passionate dedication to their craft and to our clients experience.

After 16 years in the franchise business, I chose to tackle a different realm altogether. I think my previous role(s) have prepped me perfectly for this job. My passion for my own craft and the mastery of it drove me to find a role where like minded people could collaborate together to build upon a great foundation like Harding’s. Harding’s started in Midnapore, Calgary in 1996 by Dalton Harding. Dalton grew the business to include many painters that were passionate about the mastery of their own craft. Today we have grown to 9 residential painters, a commercial painting division, a cleaning division, an exterior cleaning/maintenance division along with ceiling texturing, renovations and a professional handyman service.

Many of the painters that started with Dalton have stayed “on board” (haha, a little joke about my past) and bought into the business that they now task me to operate. I look forward to many years of growing and learning the Home Improvement businesses we have established.

Check out one of our licensee’s talk about his passion here.

Rob Hilditch, President of Harding’s