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Harding’s Ceiling Texturing FAQs

1. Do I have to remove all of my furniture when I have a ceiling repair or texturing?
No, it may be necessary to move some furniture. Your Harding’s manager will advise you.

2. Will there be stipple of texture on my walls and floor?
Your texturing technicians will cover the walls and floors with plastic and remove it after the job is completed.

3. Can you tell me if my ceilings will look good flat, before you take the texture off?
With stippled or textured ceilings, is hard to determine if the ceilings are in good shape. We can only really know after the stipple or texture has been removed.

4. If my ceilings are a bit rough or wavy, can they be flattened successfully?
In some homes the ceilings are wavy. If this only affects a small area, then a localized small repair can be performed. If the whole ceiling is wavy, then it will require a full skim coat and sanding after wards.

5. How much dust should I expect from the work?
There will be some dust. We try to confine any dust to our plastic-covered work areas. You should expect to do some light dusting once the work is completed.

6. What if I cannot do the dusting myself?
Our cleaning service can be contacted for pricing on dust removal, and general home cleaning. Call our office at 403-254-4726 for more information.

7. If I am considering having my ceilings painted is there anything I need to be aware of?
If your home was built prior to 1980 then you must provide us with asbestos test results from a professional company, certifying that your home is free from asbestos before we can proceed with any work. To give yourself peace of mind. We recommend a test on homes built prior to and including 1995.

8. When did they stop using asbestos containing material in residential buildings?
The use of Asbestos in Canada was banned in 1978. However, existing supplies of the various asbestos containing products could be used up after that date and may have been used into the 1990’s.