Buying a Harding’s Painting Franchise

Here is what you can expect in the franchise process…

  • We get your number:

    People only do business with people they like, so we start off with a phone interview to see if we are fit for each other and discuss the opportunity.

  • The Date:

    Our first date consists of getting your details in the way of a franchise application

  • Location Study:

    Once we review our first date and we both decide there may be another, we choose where it should be. We work together to understand and develop a plan for the right area (your territory) to focus on and make sure it is a fit for you and us.

  • Business Plan and Projections:

    Our third date, (wow we move fast!), this a a major step in the franchise process. We now help you establish a baseline on your budget projections that you will then create your business plan from. Then we review it. Is it realistic? Have you covered all your bases? Where will you find funding and operating capital for your business?

  • Meet the Family:

    We think it is integral to your success and your decision to move forward that you meet our other franchise partners. So, at this stage, we encourage you to reach out to our franchise family and get their feedback on their experience with us.

  • Legal Stuff:

    Now that you have shown us yours, we show you ours. We call this the prenup, it is when you receive our Canadian Disclosure Document (the “CDD”), which is required in many provinces under franchise law. We distribute it for all Provinces as an act of good faith for all of our potential franchise partners

  • At the Alter:

    Once you complete your thorough review of the CDD (consult with your lawyer!), we award the franchise territory and present the franchise document for execution.

  • The Honeymoon:

    Wow, Road Trip! Now it is time to arrange for your training in beautiful Calgary, AB. The one place you have always wanted to honeymoon.

What we look for in a Franchise Partner

You will be marriage material if…

  • You believe in yourself
  • You act with integrity
  • You have a positive “get er’ done” attitude
  • You work independently but also play nice with others
  • You have a realistic understanding of the franchisor – franchise partner relationship
  • You are charismatic with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • You have a passion for success and to grow as a franchise partner and person
  • You are organized and efficient in your work
  • You have good credit and understand an Income Statement
  • You are emotionally intelligent
  • You understand the Value Equation
  • You believe in the culture we are trying to cultivate in our franchise family and clients

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