Be Your Own Boss – Own a Painting Franchise

Own your own Painting Franchise! There is a shift in Canadian demographics that are steering major sections of society away from DiY’ing and DiY projects. All the TV shows on HGTV  can ditch the diynot convince these groups to take on DiY projects.

A large number of Baby Boomers are in an economic position to purchase Painting services and do not want to spend their time on completing it themselves, or don’t have the tools or resources to complete them. The next generation to impact the market is Millennial’s. Millennial’s are not shopping for shiny new houses or starter homes in need of only minor repairs. While the price tag is more affordable, Millennial’s are looking for a home that already has character, where they will leave their mark to fit their personal design aesthetic.  However, when it comes to remodeling, the up-cycling trend wins; repaint over renovate.

#ditchthediyCompleting any type of home improvement project requires training in all sorts of disciplines. Many people do not think of what encompasses an entire renovation or improvement in their homes.

Painting work is a skill set that requires chemical handling/storage, ladder safety, skim coating, sanding, caulking, woodworking skills, plumbing and electrical knowledge, understanding the difference between paints and quality then ultimately having that steady hand and acumen. Also, do not forget the tools you need.

When you hire a professional you are guaranteed quality and a professional finish, something you may not be able to achieve on your own. A professional will complete the project in a timely and efficient manner, limiting the disruption to your home and lifestyle. Join the #ditchtheDiY Franchise Revolution and see for yourself!

Painting Franchises


Canadian made, Canadian proud! Harding’s Painting was founded in a household garage in Midnapore – Calgary, Alberta in 1996. Our founder Dalton Harding noticed a void in Calgary for a professional painting company that delivered a consistently high-quality product all while providing exceptional service. At the time there were plenty of painting companies operating in the market but most offered workmanship of part-time and seasonal employees. These companies were seemingly fly-by-night operations. Dalton started a philosophy for Harding’s Painting bringing ‘Peace of Mind’ to his clients’ paintwork, ensuring worry-free service at competitive prices.  As the company grows, the goals and ideals put in place by Dalton in 1996 are still very much evident.

Dalton started hiring more and more employees and sub-contractors to help him complete projects in the growing company. As the leads came in, he quickly realized he needed help, but rather than hire more, he hired smarter. He did not realize it at the time but what he was creating was a fledgling licensed business on its way to become a full-fledged franchise system.

The company grew under Dalton’s leadership over the years, taking on new licensees and expanding the range of services until 2011 when Dalton sold Harding’s Painting to its Licensee team and began to slowly step away from the day–to-day operations of the business. Dalton acted as Chairman of Harding’s during this transition period, allowing the management team to grow the company into the multi-service company it is today offering not only painting, but now include interior and exterior cleaning, ceiling texturing, epoxy floor coatings, renovations and handyman services. Which is now offering Painting Franchises.

The Harding’s family of Licensee’s are excited to carry on Dalton’s vision. Our Managing Partner, Rob Hilditch, came on board in 2017 to help launch and manage us into our Franchise phase. Rob has over 20 years of franchise experience and acumen in construction trades.


Harding’s has become Calgary’s premiere painting company and expanded into various other vocations in Home Services. Currently, Harding’s operates in Calgary, Alberta with Licenses in Painting, Cleaning, Ceiling Texturing, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Renovations and Handyman Services, as well as a Painting & Handyman License in the Central Okanagan of BC.

Harding’s currently has 13 Licenses in Western Canada and is offering the franchise system as an individual Painting Franchise. The painting markets are prime for growth. Canadian demographics are a perfect fit for trade franchises, especially painting and handyman franchises. The Baby Boomer and Millennial generations are joining the #DitchtheDiY Revolution, its now your turn to capitalize on that; it’s time to be your own boss!

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