Our franchise partners are business leaders with a passion for customer service, possess great people skills as well as expertise in business and business operations. Experience in the vocation is an asset but not a prerequisite. Notice how we said, Franchise Partner, not Franchisee. At Harding’s our franchisees are our partners, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them, supporting them at every step.

The Benefits of Franchise Ownership

A few of our key benefits of a franchise are:

1.  Financial Freedom

2.  Be Your Own Boss

3.  Build a Trusted Brand

4.  Steady Demand

5.  Low Startup Costs, High Returns

6.  Work-Life Balance:

7.  Rewarding Customer Relationships

8.  Thriving in Any Economy

9.  Endless Growth Potential

There are a multitude of benefits for owning a franchise system. Many of these may be generic from franchise to franchise and some are specific to our industry or to our specific brand. Our ownership team started in the painting business in 1996 and we have learned every trick in the book to make your franchise a success. 26 years of experience has only diversified our experience in developing a winning franchise system.

Quick opening process: From the time you request information to the time you are open can be just a few months

Lead Generation & Lead Management: Our marketing funnels include a multitude of avenues that generate leads right to your CRM software. That software then allows you to create, edit and track your estimates through the sales process from the date of entry to follow up campaigns days and years after a lead enters the system.

Minimal cost of entry: Being a home based business, your overhead is low, in fact you can write off part of your mortgage interest! It is also a low start up cost, with most franchises costing under $50,ooo CA

Vendor Pricing: As your partner, Harding’s negotiates volume based pricing for product and tools that off street vendors don’t receive

Marketing Materials and Apparel: Your royalty fee pays for an allotment of signage, uniforms, and marketing materials to use on job sites and in your franchise territory to market your business locally

Franchisor C-Suite: The support system in place comes from decades of experience in the painting and renovation industry, not to mention strong leadership in business, entrepreneurism and franchising

  • Canadian made, Canadian proud! Harding’s Painting was founded in a household garage in Calgary , Alberta in 1996
  • Our founder Dalton Harding noticed a void in Calgary for a professional painting company that delivered a consistently high-quality product all while providing exceptional service.
  • Dalton started a philosophy for Harding’s Painting bringing ‘Peace of Mind’ to his clients paintwork, ensuring worry-free service at a competitive price with consistent employees and contractors that you could rely on year-after-year.
  • As the company grows, the goals and ideals put in place by Dalton in 1996 are still very much evident in our ideology and workmanship.
  • He did not realize it at the time but what he was creating was a fledgling licensed business on its way to become a full fledged franchise system.
  • In 2011 Dalton sold Harding’s Painting to his Licensee team and began to slowly step away from the day-to-day operations of the business.

The Harding’s family of Licensee’s are excited to carry on Dalton’s vision. Managing Partner, Rob Hilditch, came on board in 2017 to develop and launch  the Harding’s Franchise system. Rob brings over 26 years of franchise experience and acumen in construction trades as well as business development.

  • Harding’s has become Calgary’s premiere painting company and expanded into various other vocations in Home Services.
  • Harding’s currently has 13 Franchises in Calgary, Alberta and Kelowna, BC with Franchises in residential Painting, Commercial Painting, Condominium Painting, Texturing, Epoxy Floor Coatings, Renovations and Handyman
  • Harding’s is now offering individual Painting Franchises across Canada.
  • The painting market is prime for growth.
  • Canadian demographics are a perfect fit for trade franchises, especially painting franchises.
  • The Baby Boomer and Millennial generations are joining the #DitchtheDiY Revolution, its now your turn to capitalize on that!

Join the Revolution

  • Completing any type of home improvement project requires training in all sorts of disciplines. Many people do not think of what encompasses an entire renovation or improvement in their homes.
  • Painting work is a skill set that requires chemical handling/storage, ladder safety, skim coating, sanding, caulking, woodworking skills, plumbing and electrical knowledge, understanding the difference between paints and quality then ultimately having that steady hand and acumen. Also, don’t forget the tools you need.
  • When you hire a professional you are guaranteed quality and a professional finish, something you may not be able to achieve on your own. A professional will complete the project in a timely and efficient manner, limiting the disruption to your home and lifestyle. Join the #ditchtheDiY Franchise Revolution and see for yourself!

Harding’s uses several factors in determining the size of a specific territory for each of its Painting franchises, sometimes combining the two. Demographic information is assessed such as population size, household incomes levels, commercial/industrial access, as well as other regional considerations and then designates specific postal codes to establish a territory.

Harding’s franchise agreement is for a period of 10 years, with renewal options of 5 year increments

Harding’s provides leads through brand recognition across a multitude of avenues such as digital advertising, direct mail, email campaigns, and signage, among others. Your continued operations will also develop word-of-mouth goodwill as well.

The Harding’s system is set up to help you navigate who and how to hire your labour. A mix of hired employees and crews or sub-contractors is typically the best fit. An administrator will be required as you grow to accept and schedule leads provided by Harding’s. Crews and or sub-contractors will be used to complete the labour portion of the work.

The number of staff, crews or sub-contractors you will require will all be determined by your sales volume. Harding’s will help you scale this during your franchise tenure.

The Harding’s training program currently consists of classroom, field, and webinar sessions. Travel to Calgary, Alberta is necessary for a period of 10 days. Classroom sessions consist of financial, operational, roleplay and systems training while field sessions consist of estimating and service procedures with seasoned franchise partners in the Harding’s systems. Harding’s will maintain contact throughout your training and after along with regular field visits.

The franchise partner may be responsible for purchasing an approved vehicle to accept Harding’s graphics. Harding’s will assess your current vehicle for suitability. If you are required to lease or purchase a vehicle we suggest a truck or service style van.

Harding’s has established a strong partnership with the most reputable paint manufacturers and negotiated preferred pricing for Harding’s franchise partners, such as: Sherwin Williams, PPG / Dulux, Benjamin Moore and Cloverdale Paints.

On the outset, the majority of franchise partner’s work from a home office and eventually move into a small office within their territory as they grow and hire more administrative staff. The latter is preferred to take full advantage of our friends at Google.

Harding’s is owned and operated by several of its franchise partners, we liked it so much we bought the company (…heard that somewhere before?). Harding’s was established by Dalton Harding in 1996 in Calgary, Alberta. In 2011 he sold the company to several of his Licensee’s and they have grown it into the franchise system it is today. The Managing Partner that oversees the day-to-day operations is Rob Hilditch.

Painting and/or handyman experience is an asset but you are buying into a business system that operates under the principles of building relationships, completing estimates, hiring the appropriate labour and scaling a profitable business. You may choose to produce projects on your own at the beginning of your tenure but the goal is to be a sales and operations person building a professionally managed business.

The royalty fee is 12% and includes a multitude of services and marketing initiatives. At Harding’s we want you to concentrate on making the sale with your client and not have to worry with the peripheral business. We take care of the marketing, payments, social media content and creation, digital advertising, business license(s), general liability insurance, work place insurance (depending on provincial restrictions), yearly uniform allowance, and yearly street signage allowance.

In addition to your ongoing royalties, you are responsible for your vehicle insurance, monthly estimating software subscription and your tools and/or supplies to name a few.

We get this one a lot! However, it is the hardest one to answer. We provide you with the toolbox but it is up to you on how you use the tools in it to build your individual business and how closely you follow the system. Your decisions in operating your franchise and how you navigate your marketplace has a direct correlation on the success of your franchise. We help you establish the baseline but it’s up to you to the plate and swing.

* Starting as low as $25,000.00 CAD, not including additional start-up fee’s and monthly operational costs.

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