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The Benefits of Franchise Ownership

Our franchise partners are business leaders with a passion for customer service, possess great people skills as well as expertise in business and business operations. Experience in the vocation is an asset but not a prerequisite. Notice how we said, Franchise Partner, not Franchisee. At Harding’s our franchisees are our partners, we stand shoulder to shoulder with them, supporting them at every step.

There are a multitude of benefits for owning a franchise system. Many of these may be generic from franchise to franchise and some are specific to our industry or to our specific brand. Our ownership team started in the painting business in 1996 and we have learned every trick in the book to make your franchise a success. 26 years of experience has only diversified our experience in developing a winning franchise system.

Harding’s operates uniquely compared to most franchise systems. This system allows you, the franchise partner, to reduce your overall operating costs and concentrate on estimating/sales and training/motivating your people. Harding’s support helps you achieve the profitability and success you desire.

The key benefit to Harding’s is accepting payments, so that you do not have to. All payments from clients are sent directly to our head office via e-transfer or credit card through the client’s invoice or online. Did you accept a cheque? No problem, deposit it to our account and you are good to go. This simplifies your life with not having to worry about or pay for payment solutions, tracking payments, and reduced fees.

A few of our other key benefits of a franchise are:

  • Quick opening process:

    From the time you request information to the time you are open can be just a few months,

  • Franchisor C-Suite:

    The support system in place comes from decades of experience in the painting and renovation industry, not to mention strong leadership in business, entrepreneurism and franchising

  • Minimal cost of entry:

    Being a home based business, your overhead is low, in fact you can write off part of your mortgage interest! It is also a low start up cost, with most franchises costing under $50,ooo CAD

  • Vendor Pricing:

    As your partner, Harding’s negotiates volume based pricing for product and tools that off street vendors don’t receive

  • Lead Generation & Lead Management:

    Our marketing funnel includes a multitude of avenues that generate leads right to your CRM software. That software then allows you to create, edit and track your estimates through the sales process from the date of entry to follow up campaigns days and years after a lead enters the system.

  • Marketing Materials and Apparel:

    Your royalty fee pays for an allotment of signage, uniforms, and marketing materials to use on job sites and in your franchise territory to market your business locally

  • Digital Marketing:

    Our media team is constantly working on our content and publishing material for use in all markets. From social media posts to digital advertising, we take care of it all so you can concentrate on closing leads.

Corey Arsenault, franchisee of Harding’s, talks about his passion for the industry.

painting franchise