Poly-B Plumbing Hole Repair & Restoration

What is Polybutylene or Poly-B Plumbing?

Poly-B, is a flexible piping (grey in colour) used in hot water plumbing systems from 1985 to 1997. It was used for its flexibility, ease of install and low cost. The plastic pipe was certified by the Canadian Standards Association and had been used for many years without issue. However once it hits a certain age its fails without warning. It’s not a matter of if it will fail but when it will fail.

Why does Poly-B fail?

Overtime the pipes begin to leak from inside-out and may cause major damage to homes, especially when the pipe is hidden within wall and ceilings. Some of the reason the pipe fails can be contributed to:

– the fittings to connect each piece are usually plastic, which are prone to cracking and leaking, or installed incorrectly,

– chlorine will also slowly deteriorate in the interior of the Poly-B line leading to hair line cracks and leaks,

– they also suffer from damage from water pressure and heat also fail

What to do when Poly-B piping fails?

The best course of action is to replace it before anything happens, as many insurance companies are not covering damage created by Poly-B leaks anymore. Regardless of what stage you are at you’ll want to hire a reputable plumbing company to replace all of the Poly-B piping in your home. We have a few plumbings companies that we work with that will replace the piping and then we can come in and do our remediation work when they are done.

What does Harding’s do about Poly-B piping?

Harding’s scope of work in Poly-B replacement is fixing the many holes the plumbers are going to make. We Patch and Match the paint and/or texturing of you ceilings and walls to get you back to normal. When you choose a plumber from the list below, just let us know when they are completing their work and we will schedule you in for the patch and match process.

Our Plumbing Partners that specialize in Poly-B piping replacement:

Averson Plumbing, 403.650.1476

Pete the Plumber, 403.257.1766