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Laszlo Szabo – Handyman Manager

Laszlo has owned his own business since 2003, in various areas of construction, and has been focusing on the handyman side for the last several years. Laszlo worked within our Renovation Division for several years before starting his own Handyman Division. He is happy to tackle any handyman job that you can think of around your home, and takes great pride in a job well done, and making sure the customer has the most positive experience possible.


Get your time back! I do the jobs you don’t want to do.

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What are some of the key benefits of hiring a Handyman?

There are many advantages to hiring a Harding’s handyman to complete home tasks, including:

  1.  Cost-effectiveness: Depending on the job, using our services may be less expensive than hiring a specialized contractor. We generally charge a lower rate, and you only pay for the work that is completed; there are no hidden charges or extra fees.
  2.  Available Resources: You can save money and time by hiring our handymen because they have access to a wide variety of resources, including the most up-to-date tools and equipment. They frequently have established connections with suppliers and can acquire goods at a lower cost.
  3. Tools: Because our handymen own their own tools, you can avoid the hassle and cost of buying tools just once for a job. The instruments you would need to complete a task would cost a lot of money to purchase, and you might never use them again.
  4. Time Savings: Because a handyman can handle several tasks in a single visit, hiring one can save you time. We can also finish tasks more rapidly than you could because we have the necessary experience and training.
  5. Cost Benefits: Our handyman can assist you in spotting and fixing minor problems before they develop into more serious ones, possibly saving you money over time. Additionally, they can provide affordable solutions for your projects that will allow you to remain within your spending limit.

Overall, employing a handyman can help you keep and enhance your home while saving you time and money, giving you access to priceless resources, tools, and knowledge.