Using this facility is a privilege and as such you must treat it with respect

How To Shop Operation Videos

Spray Booth

Gate Operation

Sanding Table

Paint Compound

Shop Access and Bay 2

Dealing with Oily Rags

Occupational Health & Safety

It is your responsibility to know the safety protocols prescribed in the video below…

First Aid & OHS

OHS Quick Reference Guide

Please review this quick reference guide below to understand the absolute minimum standards you must uphold in regards to OHS using our shop…

OHS Forms

Shop Cleaning Responsibities

Going forward, there will be a $250 fine to the Licensee mis-using, abusing or not cleaning up after themselves while using the paint booth and sanding area.
Here are the rules;
1. Rob changes filters as needed
2. Users of the booth must sweep and remove the booth of all materials upon completing their paint projects
3. Users of the booth must not spray directly on the light fixtures
4. Users must not use a temperature over 95 degrees on the make up air
5. Users must the vacuum system at the sanding table when sanding, no exceptions
6. Users must sweep and clean the area around the sanding table after each project

You must keep the mixing room free of clutter!