Finance Partnership with Alta West Capital

We understand it’s easy to get excited about your improvement project but sometimes it can be more difficult to find the cash to get it done. Whether it is repainting your main floor, building that deck or a new addition to your home. Our local  finance partners at Alta West Capital can help.  AW Capital will work directly with you as a third party finance company to help you secure acceptable financing. In fact, we do not even need to know that you’ve applied.  Just click the ‘ Apply Now ‘ button and complete the application. You will work directly with AW Capital to set up the financing you require. Once you are approved, just let us know that we are free to start work on the estimate we provided.

While completing the application, please ensure to select “Refinance” after clicking Apply Now below, than after you enter your contact information select  ‘Harding’s Improvement Loan’ under the “Purpose” drop down menu. Please feel free to call Alta West with any questions at 1-888-554-9075.

*Alta West Capital has no direct affiliation with Harding’s Services Inc., any arrangement made between yourself and Alta West Capital for financing is at Arms Length from Harding’s Services Inc.. Harding’s Services Inc. assumes no liability and Harding’s customers agree to indemnify Harding’s Services Inc. from any and all of their dealings with Alta West Capital.