This week on Talk Up Tuesday, Rob talks about Harding’s great experiences with Logic Oil. Logic oil is a mobile oil change business that takes the headaches out of servicing your fleet or personal vehicles. They are mobile and come to your work or home. It’s as easy as pie!



Some Facts about LogicOil:

Our LogicOiL Van is Equipped
with a Custom Top-insertion
Extraction/Pump System
which enables us to efficiently and cleanly change a vehicle’s oil.

This system enables us to work at any location because we do not have to jack up your vehicle.

The used oil is pumped into our holding tanks, and then disposed of at an Alberta registered recycling site




Our mobile hydraulic lift system slides easily under each side of a vehicle, and can be used for all cars, light trucks and light SUVs.
This system is extremely efficient, taking only moments to set up and seconds to lift a vehicle.

Canadian homeowners spend up to 3 percent of their property’s total value on maintenance and repairs annually. Ignoring the problems a home has will only lead to them getting worse over time. The best way for a homeowner to find out about what their residence needs is by inspecting.

During these inspections, you need to pay close attention to the condition of the exterior paint. There will come a time when you have to get this paint replaced due to age and wear. Once you have new exterior paint applied, investing time and energy in maintaining it is vital.

The last thing you want is for your home to lose curb appeal due to a lack of maintenance. This is why keeping your exterior paint in good shape is vital.

The following are some of the things you need to do to keep your home’s exterior paint in pristine shape.

  1. Exterior Paint Needs to be Washed

Most homeowners fail to realize how much of a pounding their paint takes from Mother Nature. Every time the window blows dirt into the air around your home, it will usually land on the exterior paint. This means that over time, the paint will start to look dirty and dingy.

While you can wash the dirt off by hand, this will take lots of time and energy. The best way to reduce the time it takes to get this job done is by renting a power washer. If you are unsure about how to adjust the settings on the power washer, working with professionals is a must.

If the pressure is set too high, it may lead to the paint getting blown off. This is why hiring professionals to do this job is a good idea. They will be able to scrub the outside of the home with soap and water before power washing it to ensure it gets as clean as possible.

  1. Touching Up Your Paint is a Good Idea

As previously mentioned, inspecting the outside of your home on a regular basis is important. While looking at your exterior paint, make note of any chips or scratches that are present. The longer you allow these problems to linger, the worse they will inevitably get.

Once the professionals are done painting your home, you need to find out what color was used. Getting a gallon of this paint to keep in the garage is a good idea. By doing this, you can easily touch up these imperfections.

With a paintbrush or a small roller cover, you should have no problem getting these spots covered with paint. Most homeowners take great pride in doing their own improvement projects. Not only will this touching up beautify your home, it can also give you a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Keep Your Landscaping in Check

A variety of different elements are included in your exterior home design. One of the first things a person will notice about your home is the condition of the landscaping around the residence. Allowing your shrubs and trees to grow too high can create lots of problems.

Most homeowners fail to realize that out of control landscaping elements near their residence can damage their exterior paint. If the branches of the shrubs and trees are always rubbing against the paint, it will cause scratches to develop. Also, wet branches coming in contact with the side of the home can lead to the development of mold and mildew.

Instead of dealing with these problems, you need to focus on keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed. If you don’t have the energy or time to do this work, hiring landscaping professionals is important. The money paid to these professionals will be worth it considering the results they can produce.

  1. Inspecting Gutters and Downspouts

The outside of your home has a number of different parts. The gutters mounted on your roof help to keep water from puddling on the roof and at the foundation of a home. Over time, these gutters will start to get filled with leaves and other debris.

If the gutters are allowed to overflow, the water can cause damage to your exterior paint. Instead of dealing with this problem, getting your gutters cleaned professionally on a regular basis is vital.

With this professional cleaning, you can keep your roof, your foundation and your exterior paint in good shape. Consulting with gutter professionals is the best way to figure out how often this cleaning should be performed.

  1. Caulking and Sealing

Keeping the doors and windows around your home sealed and functional is important. If the seals around these windows and doors wear out, it can lead to your paint getting damaged. When water gets behind the fascia boards on your home, it can cause them to rot.

Hiring professionals to caulk and seal the outside of your residence is a great way to avoid this type of damage for good. If you are like most homeowners, you don’t have the experience to do this work. Instead of making mistakes that will only lead to more problems, you need to work with experienced professionals.

Professional Painters Can Help You Out

Getting new exterior paint and maintaining it is much easier when hiring a professional. A professional painter will have a team of employees they can use to get this work done in a hurry.

Are you looking for a reputable and experienced painter to hire? If so, contact us to find out more about the services we offer.

Asbestos testing for real estate and construction. Consultation for scope building and quote procurement. A safe year to establish for Asbestos testing in your home is anything built before 1985, because many companies still used stock piles of materials after the industry deemed it in appropriate in 1979. 403-472-0037

Through our Strategic Partner, Asbestos Solutions, we have access to the following services to help ensure a seamless workflow for our clients.

Asbestos Removal & Abatement

As asbestos becomes higher profile, the information surrounding it becomes more convoluted. Everyone has varying levels of knowledge that is based on a bit of fact and lots of mis-information. It can
be a very confusing, even for the professionals.

A few facts for you.

  • In Canada, every instance of asbestos needs to be evaluated on a project specific basis, no two situations should be treated the same.
  • Any home 1986 or older can have asbestos.
  • If you plan to knock down an existing house to make way for a new, it has to be tested for asbestos. If there is asbestos present, it must be remediated prior to demolition. The City of Calgary requires that a form be signed prior to issuance of a demo or building permit.
    City of Calgary form here
  • If you plan to move a house and there is vermiculite present anywhere in the dwelling, it must be removed prior to moving.
  • Removing popcorn ceiling? You need to check that automatically if the house was built prior to the mid 1980’s
  • Drywall being removed should also be tested prior to the mid 1980’s as well

Residentially, asbestos can be found in:

  • drywall mud
  • ceiling stipple, aka. knockdown and popcorn ceiling
  • flooring, both sheet vinyl and tile.
  • stucco
  • siding
  • wall paper
  • vermiculite insulation

Vermiculite is the most serious issue, do not disturb or let somebody blow insulation on top of it without consultation first!! ceiling stipple and linoleum/vinyl sheet flooring are also usually high in asbestos content.

If the asbestos containing material (ACM) is in good shape and not disturbed, it generally poses no threat, so unless you plan to renovate, do demolition, knock down, or move your house, don’t panic. It is wise to have your house tested and know what you are faced with. You can make an informed and cost effective decisions if you consult with the right professionals.

If you plan to buy or sell a home built prior to 1986 you should know if it is present in the home. Home Inspectors and Realtors should know if it is possibly present. Insist they test for it. Knowledge is important as it can be a negotiating item.

It is impossible to know whether a home has ACM without it being properly tested by an accredited professional through an accredited testing facility with a corresponding report. Asbestos is microscopic and visible to the naked eye, do not take  “there’s no asbestos in this house” unless they provide the report.

Homeowners and contractors are responsible for the actions and the trades within the home and community. The public and trades know that asbestos is “bad” and a couple of questions can lead to some unwanted and potentially damaging liability for the homeowner, contractor, or both.

Uneducated contractors may be exposing their clients to potential health and financial trouble. Reputable contractors struggle on educating their clients to the adverse effects of ACM compared to cheaper quotes from contractors who ignore the ACM. Do not get caught  in this trap.

Test for Asbestos

Every renovation (or real estate transaction) should start with a hazardous materials test. Know what you are faced with and plan/budget for it. It is now part of the cost of selling, buying, building, or renovating a home.

Harding’s Asbestos Abatement can provide advice and evaluate your home. Before you buy, sell or renovate, contact us and we will provide straightforward, factual, and honest information.

Harding’s does not use temporary labour for any asbestos removal or demolition work. We have our own properly trained and accredited crews that take their work seriously. Harding’s is committed to customer service and long term relationships. The best way to accomplish that is through fair pricing and providing the client with accurate inoframtion.


The types of mould found indoors can vary depending on the climate, season and geography. Different mould thrive at different temperatures, however the range of temperature in occupied homes and buildings is usually ideally suited to mould growth. The availability of moisture is a controlling factor in mould growth.
Mould growth can be found on:
-Ceiling tiles
-Cellulose insulation
-kitchen / Industrial Equipment
The ways mould substances can enter the human body include inhalation and ingestion. Health effects can also be caused by direct skin contact.
There are health risks involved in mould exposure and each person can be affected in different ways but are usually categorized as Either Irritation, Allergic Reaction, Infection and Toxic Response.
Some symptoms of mould exposure may include:
  • runny nose
  • eye irritation
  • respiratory irritations
  • rash or other skin irritations
  • cough
  • congestion
  • aggravation of asthma and or headache.

Removing mould is very similar to ACM. We use the same procedures and similar testing as Asbestos. Follow the same rules outlined above in our Asbetstos section to protect yourself when buying, selling or renovating a home. With the only difference being that mould can be found in any age home.



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This week on Talk Up Tuesday, Rob talks about Harding’s commitment to it’s clients with Free Estimates. Free estimates should be the norm in the Painting and Home Improvement/Maintenance industry, yet it doesn’t seem to be. It used to be a marketing ploy, now its just good business. If your small contractor is charging for your estimate, walk away and find someone who does not charge for them. Talk you your local Better Business Bureau, trade publications or friends. Find the right company for you by not choosing one that is not charging to meet you. Your BBB: Harding’s Blog: When is Free Estimate, not free:…

According to USA Today, your bathroom should be repainted every three to four years. Between the moisture buildup and constant activity, those walls need a little extra attention.

If you need a little inspiration, we have you covered. Here are our 15 best small bathroom paint color ideas. With this list, you can transform your bathroom with the latest looks.

Keep reading for a rainbow’s worth of small bathroom paint ideas!

  1. Dusty Blue

Your new bathroom paint color doesn’t have to go straight for intense shades. Instead, this cool gray-blue can add a little extra to your white tiles and countertops.

As your exploring these small bathroom paint color ideas, consider making other updates to your bathroom as well. A new mirror or different accents can complement dusty blue’s cool tones for a clean but balanced look.

  1. Griege

This color is picking up popularity for bathrooms as well as living rooms.

For a superhero paint color combo, beige and gray unite to bring you griege. This color can add new depth to your previously all-white walls.

It can also give other rooms throughout your household a neutral backdrop.

If you aren’t ready for a bold color, try griege instead. While providing an alternative to basic white, this color can inspire some creative small bathroom color schemes.

Try complementing it with a seafoam blue or goldenrod. With this neutral tone, there’s no limit to the possibilities!

  1. Vintage Velvet

Want to go bold instead of neutral? Vintage velvet can give you that depth you’re searching for.

This color adds a pop of glamor and drama to even the smallest bathroom. In addition to adding depth, this is a fun color that lets you get a little adventurous with your bathroom makeover.

You can also expand on that depth with the right lighting. If you can’t let the sunshine in, try adding light instead. Strategically placing sconces by the mirror or a dramatic overhead light can give your bathroom the additional depth you’re looking for.

If you’re unsure about choosing a bold color, grab a paint sample. Don’t be afraid to explore your options before making a big color commitment.

  1. Charming Pink

Indulge in a sweeter color like charming pink for your next bathroom upgrade. Unlike silly pink shades, this powder pink keeps your bathroom from looking childish.

Rather, this hue uses a slightly muted color to add a grown-up appeal to your bathroom walls. This color is airy and light, making even the smallest bathroom look open and inviting.

If you’re exploring small bathroom color schemes, consider pairing this pink with a charcoal gray or deep brown.

These pairings will add a level of sophistication to your small bathroom.

  1. Deep Navy

Looking for another bold option? Deep navy or midnight blues can add that flare of drama you’re looking for.

You can use this tool from Sherwin-Williams to “paint” your bathroom. That way, you have an actual visual of how these small bathroom paint color ideas will work in your own bathroom.

Deep navy can add depth to your bathroom. Complete this paint shade with white, gold, and a pop of pink to really make the room shine.

  1. Cerulean

If you’re looking for a blue between deep navy and aqua-sphere, try cerulean.

This watery blue is reminiscent of beach waves and pool days. Complement this color with a pop of sunshine yellow or white for balance.

  1. Requisite Gray

Balance this soothing color with pale pink or green linens with white accents to broaden the room.

Don’t limit yourself to these small bathroom paint color ideas. Consider updating your home’s exterior with the latest styles as well!

  1. Mint

This unity of blue, gray, and green works for any room. If your bathroom brings in a lot of sunlight, mint is great for keeping the room cool, too.

  1. Periwinkle

Periwinkle marries blue and purple for a subtle, soothing effect. Find a shade with a hint of gray to give the room a grown-up feel.

  1. Neutral Ground

If you’re looking for a color that complements your bathroom’s existing accessories and linens, try a neutral beige and taupe.

This color offers a simple color backdrop to your bathroom. That way, items within the rest of the room really pop against the walls. Neutral ground also adds enough warmth to balance the existing white and silver fixtures in most bathrooms.

Using that balance of warm and cool colors, you can make your small bathroom look a lot bigger, too!

  1. Stormy Blue

For a bathroom with copper, add this navy shade for the best balance. Try it on a statement wall if you’re worried the room will appear too dark.

  1. Ancient Marble

An alternative to mint, this green-gray color gives your bathroom a natural look. This rock-like neutral color is a great option among cool hues.

  1. Hunter Green

If you want to go down the boho haven route, trying hunter green on for size. This color offers a shade of gorgeous emerald to your bathroom walls.

Pair this color with two white walls to offer balance to the room. Alternating walls is as also a great way from using a bold color that feels too heavy for the entire bathroom.

You can use a single statement wall as well, matched with fixtures, a rug, and hardwood floors to completely transform your tiny bathroom.

  1. Peachy Pink

Choose a grown-up pink with this peachy shade. This color option adds playfulness and a flare of glam to any size bathroom.

  1. Aqua-Sphere

Spa blue hues allow homeowners to give their bathrooms a soothing, seaside vibe. This pale blue will add airiness to your bathroom as well, making the space feel more open.

Whether the room has access to natural light or you add new sconces, this color helps light bounce throughout the room.

Complement this pale blue hue with a soothing white or sandy shade to complete the room’s beach vibes.

Spruce it Up: 15 Small Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

With these 15 small bathroom paint color ideas, you can transform your bathroom with the latest tried-and-true picks.

Discover the benefits of our painting services and get started on updating your bathroom today!

This week on Talk Up Tuesday, I talk about my two year anniversary with Harding’s – Your Improvement Company and some of the changes we’ve made to take Harding’s into the future of Franchising the brand.

When I first transitioned into Harding’s I was taken back by the division we had among our group. There was changes that were needed immediately and we all got to work recognizing them and adjusting our going forward strategy. The ownership jumped on board with the vision and we started at making the necessary changes in branding, culture and operations to get us ready for Franchising.

We’ve implemented new CRM databases that combine seamlessly with our estimating and workflow software, we’ve completely changed the branding to be more modern, efficient and franchise friendly. We’ve made huge strides in how we work and interact with our team, made the changes required to make our company lean, mean and ready for the growth we want.

We’ve changed our online marketing strategies and adjusted our SEO along with our Adword strategies, taking our organic rankings far passed where we were.

We’ve added our first License outside the City of Calgary in the Okanagan Valley as well as three additional Licenses for Cleaning, Painting and Renovations in Airdrie, Cochrane and Calgary. .

I am very proud of the adjustments our team has made in their workflow practices and services levels in order to take us from great to fabulous. I say ‘we’ a lot because even though I may be in the drivers seat implementing these changes, we can not do it with out the buy in and actions of our team. They mean the world to me and how we operate, ensuring the level of service our clients deserve.

Here is to many more years to come!


Rob Hilditch, President and Managing Partner

Harding’s – Your Improvement Company