By Better Business Bureau. February 15, 2023.
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Hiring a professional painter for your next home project could save you time and money in the long run. Professional painters have the tools, skills, and safety equipment necessary to safely give you a beautiful result. Despite the benefits of hiring a professional, quality work and good customer service aren’t guaranteed. Be sure to consider the following before hiring a painting contractor.

Have clear expectations. Consider your schedule and end goal before you call a painter for an estimate. When estimating, painters want to know what colors you have in mind, what finishes you prefer, and if you want a specific paint brand. If you aren’t sure, painters can make recommendations. In addition, make schedule coordination easier by knowing when you will be available to let painters into your home and when they need to end work each day. If you have the entire interior of the house painted, it may make sense to move out for a few days, as they will be able to get it done more quickly.

Narrow down your search. Check, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, and identify at least three reputable contractors to bid on the job.

Get a comprehensive estimate. Professional painters provide clients with detailed estimates, including a complete breakdown of their costs and schedules. The estimate should incorporate specific costs for labor, materials, paint, travel time (if charged for), and the timeframe in which the painter will complete the project. If you have any questions or see anything missing from the estimate, discuss it with the painter before the project begins. It’s much easier to fix an estimate than change your agreement halfway through the project.

Ask the right questions. Asking the right questions will help you understand the painter’s experience and what is included in the cost. Some of the following questions might be helpful when you speak to a painting contractor for the first time:

  • How long have you been painting houses, and how experienced is your painting crew?
  • How long will it take to complete the project?
  • What kind of prep work is included in your service, and what will I need to do?
  • Does your estimate include pressure washing outer walls and caulking and filling cracks?
  • What kind of paint and how many coats do you recommend?
  • Who will handle the cleanup after the project is complete?
  • What happens if paint hits my carpet, roof tiles, or concrete?
  • Is there a warranty or guarantee on their work if touch-ups or fixes are needed?

Confirm your painter’s credentials. Before hiring, ensure the painter has all the necessary, up-to-date permits and licenses your state requires. Ensuring that the painter is licensed and carries liability insurance is important to protect both parties in case of accidents or damages during the painting process or injuries that might occur.

Be prepared to prep. Understand that there are certain things a painter might ask you to do to prepare for the project. For example, you may need to move furniture to the center of the room or completely out of the area. You’ll also need to remove paintings, wall décor, switch plates, and outlet covers. Painters may ask you to clean the walls using a damp sponge before they paint. In addition, you’ll want to keep any pets out of the way when paint day comes. Talk to your contractor about how much of this kind of prep work you’ll be expected to complete.  

Verify the type of paint. Knowing the quality of the materials used ensures the paint job’s longevity and quality. Check to see what type of paint will work best for what you need, and have your painter provide expertise on what will produce your desired results.

Ask about the painter’s experience. Ask the painter if they have experience with this specific type of project and gain a better understanding of the techniques used during the process. Also ask to review the painter’s past projects to get an idea of the painter’s style and quality of work.

Watch out for lead. Homes built before 1978 may still be housing coats of lead paint. If this is the case, painters may need to take extra precautionary measures that could affect pricing and the length of the project. It’s important for the health and safety of your family that this be done properly, so do not hire anyone who suggests they can take a shortcut around required lead paint removal procedures.

Confirm clean-up details. Most professional painters keep a clean working environment and handle clean-up at the end of each working day and the end of the project. However, discussing this part of the project with the painter before they begin working is always a good idea. Ensure you clearly understand who is responsible for clean-up during each project phase.

Make a payment plan. Never pay in full before the project begins. You may be asked to pay a portion of the fee to begin and installments at certain milestones in the project. Always withhold the final payment until you are completely satisfied with the end result of your painting project and have received written confirmation that all subcontractors have been paid (subcontractors can put a lien on your home if the primary contractor fails to pay them).

Look for the BBB Seal. BBB Accredited painters are likelier to demonstrate a commitment to delivering reliable and trustworthy services. They are dedicated to meeting customer expectations, delivering quality work, and resolving any issues that may arise promptly and professionally. The BBB Seal is The Sign of a Better Business.

The above tips will help you find a painting contractor that is trustworthy and reliable.

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Harding’s – Your Trusted Calgary Painters Since 1996

When it comes to reliable and experienced painters in Calgary, no name shines brighter than Harding’s – Your Improvement Company. Established in 1996, we have been a pillar of the local community for over two decades, specializing in the restoration and enhancement of homes, apartments, condos, stores, and commercial buildings. Our Calgary painters are seasoned professionals, adept at handling diverse projects, and are fully trained in safety and fall protection courses. As one of Calgary’s most trusted painting contractors, we take pride in our work, offering a clean, aesthetically pleasing finish while adhering to the latest painting trends and techniques. With certified, friendly, and professional staff, we guarantee a high-quality paint job delivered punctually and within budget.

Your Calgary Painting Company

At Harding’s – Your Calgary Painting Company, communication with our customers is of paramount importance. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your project. Whether you require exterior painting or a complete transformation of the interior of your home, we are here to cater to your Calgary painting needs. We take immense pride in our work and the lasting relationships we cultivate with our clients. Serving both residential and commercial properties across Calgary and its surrounding areas, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

Quality Assurance

We stand firmly behind our work, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. As a company with a long-standing reputation for excellence, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results that stand the test of time, especially with our industry leading 5-Year Limited Interior Warranty ans 2-Year Exterior Warranty. Our bonded and certified employees ensure a seamless and professional painting experience, guaranteeing that your project is completed to the highest standards.


When you need dependable, experienced, and customer-focused painters in Calgary, Harding’s – Your Improvement Company is your go-to choice. With a legacy dating back to 1996, we bring unmatched expertise and dedication to every project we undertake. Whether it’s revitalizing the exterior of your property or transforming every room within your home, we are your trusted partner for all your painting needs. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and staying at the forefront of industry trends has made us a beacon of excellence in the Calgary community.

Choose Harding’s – Your Improvement Company for a painting experience that exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s our promise. Contact us today to embark on your painting journey with Calgary’s premier painters.

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We are starting to see fascinating trends, styles, and colours as we start the new year; these things will inspire our environments for years to come.
Are you ready for a change?
Your property can benefit from the ideal change of scenery thanks to a new coat of paint.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, two leading sources for information on paint trends, have revealed their colour predictions for 2023. At Harding’s Painting, we’re committed to giving our clients paint jobs of the highest caliber. We can’t wait to decorate the homes of our customers in Calgary and Kelowna with these vibrant hues. Make a time to renovate your area and celebrate the new year in style.

Sherwin Williams Colur of the Year – Redend Point

Redend Point 9081. Your favourite living spaces are set against a peaceful backdrop thanks to this understated yet warm colour. Redend Point is adaptable and welcoming, which are ideal qualities to keep in mind when picking colours for a house.

Both interior and exterior paints are available in the 2023 Color of the Year, and Sherwin Williams suggests pairing it with Polite White 6056, Kestrel White 7516, and Canyon Clay 6054.

Browns, softer whites, and beige are in style in 2023.
A nutritious colour that goes above and beyond neutral is Redend Point.
It may be utilised in every space, including kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms because it is so adaptable.

Sherwin Williams offers paint combination recommendations to help you create a look that is entirely your own, whether you’re going for a traditional or daring aesthetic.

Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year – Rasberry Blush

Raspberry Blush, the 2022-2023 Color of the Year.  This upbeat hue is a vibrant coral shade with pink undertones.
There is no denying the enthusiasm and joy this colour will bring to your house. Although this shade has a light reflection value (LRV) of 21.12, it will unquestionably provide brightness to your home.

Benjamin Moore advises using Raspberry Blush in a dining area and Onyx furniture for a playful flair.  They advise using Raspberry Blush for the walls, ceilings, trim, and wainscoting in the living room to create a monochromatic impression.  Try Raspberry Blush in a powder room if you want a cheerful flash of colour.  You’re not quite ready to cover an entire wall in such a vivid colour.
For the ideal personality boost, Benjamin Moore also advises using Raspberry Blush to paint an archway or accent wall.

Benjamin Moore advises using Onyx 2133-10, Gray Owl OC-52, White Heron OC-57, and Etiquette AF-50 as neutral complements to Raspberry Blush.

Do you want to discuss these paint trends with us? Do you have a house design vision in mind?  Schedule a free design consultation with us, and we’ll work with you to make your painted vision a reality.

Harding’s has proudly been serving Calgary and area with quality professional painting services since 1996, as well as the Central Okanagan Valley since 2019. And for the 4th straight year, the Calgary-based company is the Winner in the Painting category in the Readers’ Choice Awards. “We are loyal to Calgary and we are incredibly happy to have won this award,” says Harding’s managing partner, Rob Hilditch. “It’s just great recognition for our team to get these awards. They work very hard to make sure our customers are satisfied.  …  We stand by all of our work. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed — it’s something we take very seriously.” Harding’s, which specializes in residential, commercial, new construction and condominium painting, is so dedicated to providing top-notch customer service that the company offers a five-year warranty for interior painting. It’s peace of mind for its customers to know their painting project is in good hands. an ideology that has garnered us the most Google Reviews of a Painting Company in western Canada and #2 in Canada.

As well, Harding’s offers a free colour consultation to help customers choose their paint colours.

All of this has helped Harding’s grow to become one of the largest residential painting companies in the Calgary area. As a longstanding business in Calgary Painting, Harding’s makes it a priority to give back to the community. Hilditch is a founding member of Business Fore Calgary Kids Foundation, which sponsors an Annual Golf Tournament, that raises funds to help support several Calgary area children’s based charities. Harding’s is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau and Hilditch is a former member of the BBB’s board of directors.

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