Today is a special Talk Up Tuesday about The BBB in Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays, or the CALGARY BBB.

For many years I was ignorant to the BBB and what this great group does. I assumed it was just a complaint resolution platform but it is so much more than that.

I was re-introduced to the BBB about two years ago through a charity event they held making sandwiches. I immediately wanted to get involved in this one as it was an endeavor that we had done at Joeys’s for many years for the CALGARY Drop In Centre.

I then started attending some of their Power Lunches and my eyes were opened to just what this organization was all about. It is not just Complaint Resolution, although that tool is great as it allows transparency and to #startwithtrust, it is also about so much more for local and small businesses.

Being a BBB Accredited Business lends credibility to you business by showing consumers that you are a trusted brand and that your business has been vetted as legitimate, established business. It gives you greater visibility in the marketplace through different platforms like their networking events, helps with citations for SEO and has a portal for lead generation. There isn’t a lead we haven’t closed with the BBB because the #trust is built for us through our accreditation.

The events they hold allow for networking and to establish mentorship’s with other business leaders in the community. As well as get feedback for your business and give you lots of educational/learning opportunities to help you grow and operate your business efficiently.

The leadership and operations team at the BBB are top notch. It’s operated very well with a great group of people who truly care about helping you with your business.

Check out your local BBB!

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Is the outside of your home looking old and tired? Or are you tired of the color? Are you getting ready to sell your home?

There are many reasons you might want to repaint. And there are good reasons for selling in 2019. Keeping resale value in mind, some colors are better than others.

A nice coat of paint rejuvenates your home’s exterior. If you’re painting soon, take a look at these top trends in exterior paint colors for your home in 2019.

You Can’t Please Everyone

You can’t please everyone, but there are some colors that most people find easy on the eyes. Remember when everyone wanted a red front door? That’s out of style now, along with the bright-yellow accents!

If you’re repainting for yourself or to sell, neutral colors are easygoing and never go out of style. Neutrals pair well with colorful home decor accents that are easy to change when you tire of them.

Don’t worry, neutral doesn’t mean boring. And keep in mind that color affects mood in different ways.

That being said, take a look at these great exterior paint color trends and pick one that works for you.

  1. White on White

From the popular farmhouse trend to a Mediterranean beach house, white is on point. And don’t be fooled, there’s more than one white. Painting your house white is tricky because there are so many whites from which to choose.

There are cool whites with blue or grey undertones. There are also warm whites with a hint of brown or cream. Some whites with brown undertones look the tiniest bit pink.

A white house sporting white trim offers a clean look that’s gorgeous. if you’re looking for something more striking, use white with a bold dark color for the trim.

If you opt for white, use one with a low light reflective value (LRV) for your home’s exterior. It won’t reflect the surrounding colors of the landscape or your neighbors’ homes.

  1. Dark and Dramatic

Looking for something a little more dramatic for your home’s exterior? Almost no matter the type of home, it’ll look great with a bold dark color. Whether your house is mid-century modern, contemporary, or craftsman, a dark color looks great.

Colors gaining in popularity are dark greens, dark blues, and charcoals. Pair these dark colors with white trim.

Stormy Gray has a blue undertone for a unique and dramatic look. Looking for a beach or coastal feel? Try Stormy Gray. Pair it with white trim details.

  1. The Famous Greige

Greige is taking over and for good reason. Greige is the marriage of gray and beige. Homeowners and buyers love greige. Beige infuses warm undertones while gray offers soft neutral tones.

The two colors together make greige. And it’s the perfect color for exterior as well as interior paint jobs.

  1. Safe Taupe

Taupe is a good exterior color for playing it safe if you’re selling soon. Tony Taupe from Sherwin-Williams (SW 7038) is a great neutral exterior color. It’s also one of the most popular, and it’s coming up big in 2019.

  1. A Classic – Desert Beige

This strong neutral tone pairs well with bold contrasting trim colors. The trim is a visual outline for your home’s exterior. This classic beige isn’t boring and pairs well with white gutters, corner strips, and soffits.

  1. Got the Blues?

Do you love blue? You’re not alone!

Many homeowners and buyers opt for blue. Deep bold blues make for great accent colors. Or do the entire exterior in a bold blue hue. If you choose a dark or bright blue, pair it with cool light trim colors.

Be bold with Peacock Blue and you’ll stand out from your neighbors!

Blue is another color that gives a coastal feel like Cape Cod in the summer. Try any sea-blue watery hue for a charming exterior. Ready to set your home apart? Try Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year: Oceanside.

  1. Almost Blue

You’re not ready for blue, but you want a nautical feel? Try a deep blue-gray exterior. You’ll get the nautical, coastal vibe without committing to full blue.

Pair with white trim for a neutral look. Not sure what white to look for? Your painting contractor can help. Speaking of contractors, make sure you hire a good one!

  1. Unexpected Red

As 2019 comes into full bloom, there are also some unexpected color trends. Here’s a trend you may not be sold on when it comes time to sell, but if you’re looking for something different, try a smoky red exterior.

A bright and cheerful lighthouse red is a traditional color, but it’s also fresh. It’s the perfect pairing for bright white trim. Paint the garage doors and soffits white as well.

  1. Nature-Inspired Exterior Colors

No doubt 2019 decor takes lots of its inspiration from nature. If you’re looking for a retreat-like space, consider a moss green like Spanish Moss from Valspar. This woodsy green has brownish tones reminiscent of tree bark.

Looking for a more neutral green? Try Benjamin Moore’s Cypress Green. It’s a gray-green amalgamation that’s neutral without being boring. Try it with black or dark-gray shutters and trim.

  1. Pale Yellow

Yellow is making a comeback. This cheerful hue says “happy!” But beware of going too bright. A nice toned-down pale shade is your best bet if you’re selling anytime soon.

Yellow looks great on a traditional craftsman or old Victorian. Pair it with a white porch and trim. Add gray details for a sophisticated look.

Exterior Paint Colors for 2019

There are so many great exterior paint colors for 2019. There’s something for everyone’s taste. If you’re painting your home with no plans for selling, go for whatever trend suits you best.

If you’re painting with selling in mind, stick to one of the more neutral trends. Neutral may seem boring, but it’s tried and true when it comes to selling your home.

Whether you’re going for a coastal blue or a lighthouse red, a fresh coat of exterior paint makes your home look great.

Are you ready for a new coat of exterior paint? Call us. We’re here to help!

Vinyl safe paint! That’s right, we can paint your vinyl sided home with quality @sherwinwilliams #vinylsafe paint. This home was completed in a matter of days, from prep to #pow! Give us a call to get your free vinyl exterior painting quote. Transform your home at a fraction of the cost of replacement vinyl. (403)254-4726

Check out Sherwin Williams Vinyl Safe Paint

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Ignition Digital on Talk Up Tuesday. (403)287-3790. Today we talk about the great work by Ignition Digital in Calgary, Alberta. Your go to guys for better branding of your business. Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle decals, striping and paint protection, signs, banners, Commercial Graphics and installation.

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Ditch the DiY and let us complete it instead. Painting, Cleaning, Home Decorating, Staging, Professional Home Organizing, Ceiling Texture, Popcorn Removal, Handyman Services (repair & maintenance) and Renovations. See told ya! (403)254-4726

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This week on Talk Up Tuesday – Pete the Plumber! Pete is the goto guy in CALGARY for Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, HVAC and Electrical Services. Be it new installation or repair work, Pete and his team of Hulksters have you covered. We have a great partnership with Pete and his team and appreciate everything they do. Give them a call to help with your residential or commercial project. 

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Save thousands and paint your vinyl siding instead of replacing it! Ditch the DiY. Our partners @sherwinwilliams have a tremendous product that’s perfect for Alberta’s climate.

Now homeowners have the freedom to choose the color they really want for painting their vinyl siding.

Thanks to its strength, durability, versatility and ease of maintenance, vinyl siding is the No. 1 choice of exterior covering for homes across the country.

However, vinyl siding colors traditionally range from white to sandstone, with maybe a Wedgewood blue thrown in for variety. In the past, if a homeowner wanted to change the color of his or her vinyl siding by painting, color choice was limited to the same range as or lighter than the existing color. Why? Because darker colors absorb more heat, causing the plastic vinyl to warp, buckle and distort.

But thanks to Sherwin-Williams new VinylSafe® colors, which ensures that darker colors don’t absorb heat, this is no longer the case. Innovative VinylSafe® paint colors solve that problem by allowing you the freedom to choose from 100 colors options, including darks such as Ground Hog and Green Mountain, and brights named Frilly and Nikko Blue formulated to resist warping or buckling when applied to sound, stable vinyl siding. Plus, they can get custom matches by using Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Precision, our exclusive technology for ensuring exceptional color accuracy and consistency. Each vinyl siding color is available in Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® Exterior and Duration®Home Exterior product lines.

With the new VinylSafe® color palette, we can offer our customers both an economical way to achieve fresh curb appeal and a world of color choices. (403)254-4726

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