Today is a special Talk Up Tuesday about The BBB in Southern Alberta and the East Kootenays, or the CALGARY BBB.

For many years I was ignorant to the BBB and what this great group does. I assumed it was just a complaint resolution platform but it is so much more than that.

I was re-introduced to the BBB about two years ago through a charity event they held making sandwiches. I immediately wanted to get involved in this one as it was an endeavor that we had done at Joeys’s for many years for the CALGARY Drop In Centre.

I then started attending some of their Power Lunches and my eyes were opened to just what this organization was all about. It is not just Complaint Resolution, although that tool is great as it allows transparency and to #startwithtrust, it is also about so much more for local and small businesses.

Being a BBB Accredited Business lends credibility to you business by showing consumers that you are a trusted brand and that your business has been vetted as legitimate, established business. It gives you greater visibility in the marketplace through different platforms like their networking events, helps with citations for SEO and has a portal for lead generation. There isn’t a lead we haven’t closed with the BBB because the #trust is built for us through our accreditation.

The events they hold allow for networking and to establish mentorship’s with other business leaders in the community. As well as get feedback for your business and give you lots of educational/learning opportunities to help you grow and operate your business efficiently.

The leadership and operations team at the BBB are top notch. It’s operated very well with a great group of people who truly care about helping you with your business.

Check out your local BBB!

#bbb #startwithtrust