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5 Reasons why you should always hire a Professional Painter

#1 Finished Product

Painting anything requires training in all sorts of disciplines. Many people do not think of what encompasses an entire painting job in their homes.

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Painting is a skill set that requires chemical handling/storage, ladder safety, skim coating, sanding, caulking, understanding the difference between paints and quality then ultimately having that steady hand. Also, don’t forget the tools you need.

When you hire a professional painter you are guaranteed a quality and professional finish, something you may not be able to achieve on your own. You all know what I am talking about there! The infamous ceiling hit!

#2 Preparation

The above ceiling hit could have easily been avoided by taking the time to properly prep the wall and ceiling. There is a lot to consider when prepping your home for paint, including having to research the paint to use, the tools needed and the time to complete it all. You may think that by buying the most expensive paint and tools it will ensure you a quality DIY job, but it all comes down to the application when using those products as well.

Professionals are not only efficient at the prep portion but will, again, guarantee the end product as well as ensuring the work is completed when its needed. Meaning you get that valuable #freetime you deserve.

#3 Perceived Value

So it is going to cost you less to paint it yourself, right?

That is not always the case. When you have completed DIY painting, it can come back to haunt you when selling your home or when you go to complete other renovations or DIY projects in your home.

Hiring a professional the first time means that its done right from the beginning and you’d be surprised about how reasonable hiring a pro is!

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#4 #FREETIMECalgary Professional Painting Contractors | House Painting

We have already outlined how much prep and time is required for painting your own home. Do you really have that time?

Hiring a professional lets you get that time back and also gets that honey-do-list off your plate! You have bigger things to worry about, let a pro handle it for you. Plus, a pro will complete the job far more efficiently than the DIY route.


 #5 So now what…..

Whats the plan with the left over paint? Did you buy drop cloths for your DIY project, if so, where do they go now? Where do you dispose of the paint? How far is that drive and what does the municipality charge to do it? What other clean up is there to do now?

Is there touch ups to do after? Now you will have to pull all this stuff out again to do those.

A professional painter will take care off all of that so you don’t have to. They warranty and guarantee their work. This means there is no added pressure on you. You can either leave those spots you missed and get ribbed by your friends and family or just let your Professional Painter get it done right the first time.

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7 replies
  1. Taylor Bishop says:

    I just wanted to thank you for explaining why you should hire a painter. I’m glad you mentioned that because there is a lot to consider when prepping a home you should seek a professional because they will know what needs to be done to make this portion efficient while still delivering a good product. I wonder if it could be good to learn some basics about this or if there’s anything you can do to help this process.

  2. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I are wanting to get our living room painted soon, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about professionals can guarantee the work gets done and frees up your time. We don’t want to risk stopping in the middle of the project, so we’ll consider hiring professionals for the job.

  3. Tiffany Locke says:

    Thanks for the information on how professionals can prepare your home for the paint as well as which materials and tools are best. When choosing one, you’d probably want to research local professionals so that you can find one that offers interior house painting services. While you do this, it might help to call or meet with them so that you can learn more about their interior house painting services and ask questions in order to figure out which one you want to hire.

  4. Amy Winters says:

    Thanks for pointing out that a professional painting crew will properly prep the walls and ceiling to avoid getting any paint where it’s not wanted. I’ve been wanting to give my home fresh coat of paint and maybe add a couple of colored accent walls. I don’t know much about painting, so I doubt that I’d be able to properly prepare the area to keep the paint contained. I’ll definitely consider hiring a professional painting crew so that the paint will only go where it’s supposed to.

  5. Joy Butler says:

    I definitely agree when you said that we may do it on our own. However, it’s quality is not as good as being done by professionals. In here, we’ll know the difference between the two, but why should we spend more if we can invest less? If you’re to ask me, I’d still prefer a professional painter to do the task for me.

  6. Dave Anderson says:

    I love that professionals are efficient in preparation when painting. That is something that I have never really been good at before. I would love to hire a professional painter so that he can do a great job in prepping so the end result looks amazing. I will have to look for painters so that I can have my kitchen painted!

  7. Raymond Cooper says:

    I appreciate how you point out that hiring a painter for your home is helpful since they handle all the prep work for you. This would definitely help me since it would take a lot of the work out of having to paint my home. Not having to prep for painting would be worth the cost of hiring a professional painter in my opinion.

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